Nantucket Community Television

Our Mission

NCTV engages Nantucket by connecting stories to audiences, government to citizens, and students to hands-on learning.

As the island’s Media Arts Center, Nantucket Community Television provides critical production support to local nonprofits, businesses, and the Town of Nantucket.  Our original programs celebrate the unique people, art, history, and culture of the island. NCTV aims to inspire creativity and to give all Nantucketers a voice.

About NCTV

NCTV’s local channel 8 is the principal television channel for the island of Nantucket.

As a community public access station non-profit 501c(3), Nantucket Community Television focuses on public, educational, and government broadcasts.

NCTV is Nantucket’s go-to resource for both youth and adult education classes and workshops, teaching the foundations of multimedia and communication design.

NCTV additionally fosters creativity and civic engagement, supports the needs of the island’s non profits, businesses, schools, and more; while furthering community awareness and connection.

Nantucket Community Television has received Massachusetts Creator Awards each year since 2018, recognizing outstanding work in television and media within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.