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Local Business Membership

$275.00 Annually

NCTV Network

Your business can produce a show to share with your target audience on our channels and website, plus get additional benefits.


Low-cost training in all aspects of video and multimedia production and access to our equipment to produce programs and multimedia projects. As well as access to our training videos and classes.


Production resources include a full-service TV studio, digital cameras, nonlinear editing systems, a production lab, outfitted with Mac computers with the latest software applications.

Membership Privileges

Your business will receive membership privileges for up to two representatives as well as coaching on the development of your show and discount pricing on training classes.


You will also receive our e-newsletter to keep you up to date on NCTV events, screenings, membership advance training, pre-registration for classes and programming highlights.

This subscription will charge you annually unless you contact NCTV to cancel.
This annual pass will not renew automatically, you will need to renew your membership when your pass expires.