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Nonprofit Membership

$135.00 Annually


Share your work on NCTV channels and website AND use our programs on your website and social media channels.

Access to Cablecast

Non-profit Memberships provide access to cablecast time on the NCTV channel Comcast 8 and live streaming on our website.

Special Spots and Services

You will also receive public service announcements spots on our channel and on our Bulletin Board, special discounted production services available for island non-profit members of NCTV.


We teach small group classes to adult teams within organizations for low-cost training by media professionals all living on island.


All NCTV members receive our e-newsletter, to keep you up to date on NCTV events, screenings, discounted training opportunities, and programming highlights.

This subscription will charge you annually unless you contact NCTV to cancel.
This annual pass will not renew automatically, you will need to renew your membership when your pass expires.