Bobbin' Around Town

Member Programs
Winter Holiday Special 2018
Senior Ball 2019
Turkey Plunge 2019
Junior Top Chef 2019
Comedy Fest 2019
Quarantine Edition 2020
Thanksgiving Day 2020
LIVE Winter 2020
Valentine's Day 2021
Spring 2021
Comedy Fest 2021
Thanksgiving with the Hales 2021
Daffodil Festival 2022
Turkey Plunge 2022

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Join host Bobby Planzer as he explores his hometown of Nantucket with a camera and a microphone in Bobbin’ Around Town. Bobby’s reputation precedes him wherever he goes and he can quickly turn a friendly “hello” into a humorous and heartfelt interview. Whether roaming the island streets or sneaking into behind-the-scenes moments of Nantucket’s most popular events, Bobbin’ Around Town is a family show that is as much fun to watch as it is to film.