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For Nantucket Visitors, NCTV says

Welcome to the Grey Lady

In June 2022, Nantucket Community Television launched Welcome to the Grey Lady, a lively and colorful two-part multimedia program giving basic and insider information about the island to visitors.

Underwritten by the ReMain Nantucket Fund, Welcome to the Grey Lady programming is designed to greet travelers to the island. This program was also funded by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism for a marketing campaign targeting New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. By watching this program and viewing its accompanying online resources, viewers can see nearly everything the island has to offer.

The premiere episode highlights popular beaches and their appropriateness for visitors’ needs, from being a good place for children, the elderly, or those with extra mobility needs, to being dog-friendly. Viewers can learn the best locations for surfing, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, shell hunting, bathrooms, and food. Information also includes local environmental concerns.

Episode One also focuses on getting around Nantucket, especially to the island’s beaches, with an entertaining, brief look at NRTA services and its bus routes, along with a map showing the island’s bike paths and safety rules that should be observed by cyclists.

Episode Two looks at cultural highlights that include historic points of interest in the downtown cultural district, underscored by essential messages from the Town of Nantucket about recycling and proper trash disposal. The program offers friendly reminders to viewers that Nantucket continues to deliver services found in a world-class resort, but local officials expect visitors to observe current town directives and those of individual businesses — both intended to protect the safety and wellbeing of the community and visitors.

For key visitor accommodation companies on the island, including Nantucket Lodging Association members, real estate firms, and cleaning companies, producers suggest they set televisions to NCTV during the process of “turning over” rental properties and guest rooms. NCTV also urges transportation companies to the island, Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, Cape and Islands travel information centers, and others to feature the programs in their public areas. The series includes multiple resources for viewers such as locally produced information apps for mobile phones and desktops, websites, and downloadable “insiders guides,” which will be available on nctv18.org, created by local advertising and marketing firm Mind’s Eye Communications.

NCTV is Nantucket’s only full-service video broadcasting and production resource. The station launched another new program last summer, Nantucket Life, which highlights the island’s arts and culture. Along with Welcome to the Grey Lady, these programs provide excellent educational and practical information for the public and for local organizations to help their patrons and visitors.

From concept to completion, Welcome to the Grey Lady programming series was overseen by Lisa Getter, NCTV executive director. The program series was managed, conceptualized, designed, edited, and written by producer Arlene O’Reilly. Videography, including stunning aerial and ground footage, was done by NCTV staff members Andrew Cromartie, Dee White, and Frank Schadt, along with freelance videographers. Special thanks to copyeditor Tracy Leddy and to the Nantucket Historical Association for use of most of the historical images and fact checking.

Welcome to the Grey Lady made its debut June 2022 on local Comcast channel 8, nctv18.org, and online on NCTV's YouTube channel. The series is also be available to local businesses that want to embed it on their websites or distribute it via email communications -- email info@nctv18.org for more information.

We hope you enjoyed Welcome to the Grey Lady! Click on the cover image of the insiders guide to download our interactive PDF that recaps much of what you watched in episode one of Welcome to the Grey Lady. This interactive guide provides you with much more fun information to help you plan your trip!

The insiders guides are designed for travelers coming to Nantucket. Stunning photos and insiders tips were produced by local publishing professionals on the island.  Below are examples of what one will find in the downloadable interactive Insiders Guides:

  • Island Trivia
  • Maps
  • Island Transportation
  • How to Travel to Nantucket with links
  • Top Places to See and Things to Do
  • Little GEMS for Shopping
  • Downtown Coffee and Treats
  • Beaches Overview
  • Best Apps for Nantucket Visitors
  • Links to the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce and the Nantucket Visitor Services Office of Culture and Tourism

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Download Interactive Guides:

Welcome to the Grey Lady - Episode 1